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ZTR is proud of its talants!

ZTR is proud of its talants!

On November 27, the competition “ZTR PJSC has a talent” took place in Palace of Culture named after V. Ivanov of “ZTR”; 15 talented employees of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC have participated in it. The event took place at the Company for the first time according to format of well-known show “Ukraine has a talent”. Winner of the competition was determined not by jury but by audience; prior to competition commencement the spectators were provided with special voting papers. Each voting paper contained a list of participants with relevant kind of talent. One person was allowed to vote for one competitor only and exclusively at completion of performance of the last artist. Once again the spectators could receive the evidence that ZTR has the talents which are able to eclipse the fame even of variety stars of today. This was proved by songs, dancing, poetic talents, photo technique and handcraft items of the factory employees.


“We are sincerely grateful for your assistance”

Within the scope of supporting of comprehensive institutions of Leninskiy district as well as in the honor of Day of Educators, the representatives of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC have presented a multifunctional device to Zaporozhye comprehensive secondary school of I-III grade levels №73. This MFD includes the scanner, printer and copier and could be employed for printout, scanning and other learning tasks. This machine will facilitate the labour of the teachers and be effective for schoolchildren in their creative initiatives.


Laugh of child is an important award

Laugh of child is an important award

Charity duty of toys and books for children of “Zaporozhye regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children” took place at “ZTR” PJSC for two weeks.   Approximately 20 pockets with soft, developmental original toys and books for children were collected. Volleyball balls, stationary materials for the new school year sweets and fruits were also purchased for children.   Activists of Young people council have visited regional center on August 28.  Age of pupils is from 3 up to 18 years.  These children are deprived of parents love and endearment. There 32 children are in the center now.


Water competitions

Water competitions

International competitions of boat racing as for “FAVU president cup” (federation of boat racing of Ukraine) took place at the end of summer in the capital of Ukraine, on Trukhanov island.  Approximately 500 sportsmen from 11 regions of Ukraine and three foreign states – Belarus, Serbia and Moldova took part in the competition.  Competitions were performed at the distance of 500 meters. Several categories took part in the competition: boys and girls up to 13 and 15 years, juniors up to 17 years, men and women after 19 and sport veterans after 27.


The mood at final stage of Club for the cheerful and quick witted was “watermelon-cheerful”

The mood at final stage of Club for the cheerful and quick witted was “watermelon-cheerful”

On the 24th of July final stage of open factory league of “Club for the cheerful and quick witted (CCQW)” was performed at Palace of Culture of “ZTR” PJSC named after V. Ivanov. Under the traditional slogan: “We start CCQW” with excitement, huge energy and belief to become the winner the youth of the companies contested for the title of the funniest, most cheerful and witted team.


ZTR for healthy life-style!

ZTR for healthy life-style!

Employees of the company took active part in Bicycle day -2013 and action “Stop tobacco”. Traditional festival for amateurs of two-wheel transport – “All-Ukrainian Bicycle day -2013” was performed in Zaporozhye on May 26. Thousands of bicycle owners rode along Lenin Avenue on this day.  Event was completed at cascade of fountains “Rainbow” where fascinating contests as well as various concert program  were prepared for visitors. Employees of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC took active part in cycle race. Employees of our company together with other amateurs of two-wheel transport overcome huge distance and had confirmed – ZTR is for the healthy life-style!


Cleaning up environment with the help of youth

Cleaning up environment with the help of youth

Program “Clean city” is actively implemented by young employees of “ZTR” PJSC. On the threshold of the 1st May, Council of youth of the company with assistance of the Head of ZTR PJSC, the Deputy of Regional Council of Zaporozhye Igor Kleyner initiated cleaning of territory of Dnieper bank from shopping center “Ashan” up to Vosnesenovskiy market. Large amount of rubbish was accumulated on such small territory during autumn and winter. The youth has accumulated 30 sacks of rubbish.


Taking care of veterans is ZTR’s duty

Taking care of veterans is ZTR’s duty

ZTR as socially-oriented company performs active policy concerning support and assistance to pensioners, veterans of Great Patriotic War. More than three thousand veterans of GPW-579 are registered in Council of “ZTR” PJSC veterans. To the 68th anniversary of Victory Day ZTR administration has prepared a number of activities dealing with financial support and arrangement of celebration in honor of veterans of Great Patriotic War, take care of them and give them merited heed. 


Igor Kleyner: «It is very important not to stay indifferent when children require your assistance»

Igor Kleyner is aware his responsibility as the Head of one of the largest companies of the city, he initiates his own charitable projects, supports schools as well as pre-school institutions of Leninskiy region.   So in the years 2012-2013 with the assistance of regional council works as for underpinning are financed, waterproof coating around the building of utility enterprise “Zaporozhye boarding school for children” of Zaporozhye regional council re set up, repair of façade is made up UAH 80 thds.    According to the Head of boarding school Lyudmila Goncharenko, the complete staff is sincerely thankful to Igor Vsevolodovich, the help was timely and necessary.  «Thank you that You have heard our request and render support, - says Lyudmila Goncharenko. – Children will never forget how kind You are».


«We are grateful for care about our children…»

«We are grateful for care about our children…»

Due to the efforts of Municipal Authorities as well as Deputy of Regional Council Igor Kleyner pupils could safely cross road Within the deputy meeting Deputy of Regional Council in Zaporozhye, General Director of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC Igor Kleyner has received a request of initiative group of parents of pupils of school №59 to rebuild traffic light on the cross section of Kiyashko street and Dudykina street opposite supermarket “Silpo” in Leninskiy district.


Social sphere is invested by ZTR

Sport complex is reconstructed by “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC. Investment of project as for reconstruction of sport complex made up UAH 8 mln.  Investment is intended for reconstruction and modernization building of complex, repair of 4 sport halls and amenity rooms as well as creation of comfortable conditions for occupation.


‘You made my dream come true’

Larisa Rybalka, invalid of first group, is thankful to General Director of “ZTR” PJSC Igor Kleyner for help. Zaporozhtransformator – is native plant for all our family. 'Mother worked at production for 45 years, farther – 20. I am glad for plant success, having passed hard crisis period'.


Igor Kleyner: «Support of hemodialysis invalids should be systemic»

Dozens of people with renal insufficiency in our city completely depend on whether they will be provided with regular cleaning of organism by means of hemodialysis equipment. In order to perform procedures and for the further recreation of organism significant amount of means is required which are always not enough.    Sick people address authorities but unfortunately without any financial assistance.  Systemic assistance to those, who really requires – is the task of deputy of Regional Council in Zaporozhye, General Director of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC, Igor Kleyner. Patients with chronic renal insufficiency required in regular hemodialysis are also belong to such type of people.  Hemodialysis – is method of extra renal cleaning of blood at acute and chronic renal insufficiency.  Toxic products of metabolism are ablated, water and electrolyte balances are normalized within hemodialysis.


«Thank you for the opportunity to arrange own flats»

Lodgers have received the orders for 38 separate flats by means of support of municipal authority and deputy of  Regional Council Igor Kleyner.  In July of the year 2011 initiative group of residents of hostel for small families, address 3/14 Khaksskaya str.  requested Igor Vsevolodovich for re-registration of their facilities and issue an order to those who has no debts of housing services.  Re-registration procedure stipulated status change of flats №1, 7, 10 from status of flats which were applied as hostel for small families for status of home accommodation in this house.   Igor Kleyner has submitted deputy application to city hall with the request to facilitate positively in solution of this affair.   Housing problems are always solved efficiently and on the high level by representatives of municipal authority that`s why “khakasskaya” affair is not an exaptation. Most of residents of house are employees of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC and  provision of adequate housing conditions for employees of the company – is one of main tasks of General Director of the company.


ZTR: responsible approach in social partnership

ZTR: responsible approach in social partnership

At present modern world could not be imagined without computer technologies. Phones, laptops, different gadgeds have become integrated part of daily life of any person. In spite of this a large number of schools of our city are not provided with a number of computer classes for informatics.  Comprehensive school №89 also belongs to such numbers. Problem with the lack of computers for this school was solved by Deputy of Regional Council in Zaporozhye, General Director of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC Igor Kleyner.


Traditions of social partnership with municipal hospital №9 are continued by ZTR

“Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC and multifield hospital №9 in Zaporozhye is bound by long-term friendship.   This medical building was found in 40-s when the new factory was already found. Most ZTR employees belong to this hospital and are investigated here.  Physicians of hospital are always ready to render modern medical assistance.  System mutual assistance, support have become an integrated part of interrelationship between “Zaporozhtransformator” and hospital №9.


Recreation center of CRC “Chayka” of “ZTR” PJSC is one of the best in the city

Children`s recreation center was officially opened on June, 5th 0f the year 2012. Investments of the project as for reconstruction of recreation center made up UAH 2.5 mln. Investments were used for reconstruction and modernization of medical base of recreation-center. Repair works were started in October of the year 2011 and completed in May 2012. At present Recreation center of CRC “Chayka” is equipped with the new bath and shower rooms for medical procedures; bathrooms with hydro massage, salt bathrooms, infrared sauna made of Canadian cedar for 3 persons as well as reconstructed rooms for laser and physiotherapy are also provided.      As Zyk Tatiana Vasilevna, Director on administration and social affairs tells, idea as for CRC “Chayka” reconstruction arose in the year 2006. Repair works started in October of the year 2011 and completed in May of the current year.