Festive occasion of mini-football: Zaporozhye teams compete for ZTR Cup

Festive occasion of mini-football: Zaporozhye teams compete for ZTR Cup

Since August 17 to August 18 in the Sports Palace of "ZTR" PrJSC the mini-football tournament for the ZTR Cup tool place for the third time. The traditional participants of the tournament - the strongest teams of large industrial enterprises of Zaporozhye - the new ones were joined, which made the competition even more interesting than before.

During ceremonial opening of the tournament, Anna Gaydayeva, HR Director , Natalia Vlasova, Head of Youth, Physical Culture and Sports Department of the Regional State Administration , Alexander Vorona, Chairman of Youth Council of “ZTR” PrJSC, addressed the audience.

Anna Gaydayeva is confident that sport plays an important role in the life of every person. “This is a formula for health, vivacity, formation of an active life position and required working qualities – the team spirit and the purposefulness" - she noted.

According to Natalia Vlasova, it is prominent the level of enthusiasm the youth takes part in the competitions.

- Zaporozhye youth loves sports. The tournament is held for the third year on the initiative of the youth organization of "ZTR", - Natalia Vlasova reminded. This year the Regional Council of Labor Youth also joined the organization. - Such events, when young people from different enterprises meet together, are the assistance for consolidation, revive the spirit, and hence in the future give the return on work. We supported and will support such undertakings.

Inna Kuzmenko, Chairman of the Regional Council of Labor Youth, also noted the active participation of “ZTR” youth organization in the regional and the city events. On the opening day of the mini-football tournament, the meeting hosted the visiting session of the council, during which the participants got acquainted with organization of both the work processes and the activities of youth groups.

- I would like to thank the management of the Company, which supports the youth and gives an opportunity to take part in the competitions, hold the contests, and carry out the active work, Inna Kuzmenko noted. In her opinion, ZTR team is the synergy of the traditions and the modernity, which is the key to success in sport and work.

For two days, seven teams showed skills in the sport field: “ZTR” PrJSC, “Zaporozhstal” PJSC,  “Plant of Light Metal Sructions” LLC, “Zaporozhkoks” PrJSC, “Dneprospetsstal” PrJSC, “Ogneuporny” PJSC, “Progress” LLC. In the finals the teams of "ZTR" and "Zaporozhstal" have met. The game turned out to be worthy of the final. The audience saw the great football, the intensity of the game was up to the last second of the match. Unfortunately, the "ZTR" team has taken the second place under the team of "Zaporozhstal" with a minimum gap of 1 : 2. And according to the results of the competitions the first place was taken by the team of "Zaporozhstal" PJSC, the second -  "ZTR" PrJSC and finally the third place -  "DSS" PrJSC.

Viktor Rybalko, the captain of Zaporozhstal team, believes that every year the tournament becomes more interesting, because the number of the participants and the quality of the teams' training is growing up.

- It's interesting to see how someone looks on the field, how he is dealing with. We appreciate such tournaments. It's nice that in addition to working life there is also sporting one, and this is welcomed at the plant.

For the first time the team of Progress LLC took part in the tournament. Its representative, Alexander Aslamov, is sure that mini-football represents the game which allows to prove themselves to the players of different ages.

- We support the development of the sports movement in Zaporozhye city. We always ready to participate in various competitions. We are glad to participate in this tournament. Sport is always positive emotions, and exactly such emotions from the game would be appreciated. Our team represents all subdivisions of the Company. Age of players is different: the oldest is  39 years old. Mini-football is the game of all generations; it allows you to participate in the game at any age. The main is technique, although physical training plays a significant role.

Andrei Skomarokha, the captain of "Zaporizhtransformator" PrJSC team takes part in the tournament for the third time.

- In 2016 there were two teams of the favorites. To the date, already seven teams have been participating, and the suspense occurred. All competitions prepared carefully for the competition. We have a team-work: twice a week we train, participated in the city and the regional tournaments. Football is the team game. Only concerted actions could lead to the success. Being the head of the workshop, I understand that the same principles apply to both the field and the workshop: people should be united and provided with proper orientation.

The tournament for ZTR Cup was held with the best attributes of the events of such level: including opening and closing ceremonies, performance of the cheer team, sis boom bah, cups, solemn awarding of the winners, and the most important - vivid impressions and positive emotions of the players and the spectators.


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