A good tradition at ZTR

A good tradition at ZTR

It became the tradition on August 18 on an annual basis to honor the memory of those who were the first in the distant 1941 to defence our city from the Nazi invaders.

So it was happened also this time. On August 18, at the Palace of Culture of ¨ZTR¨ PrJSC the veterans of the whole city gathered for a solemn meeting dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the beginning of the defense of Zaporozhye from the Nazi invaders.

Before the beginning of the event, the pensioners invited to the event get acquainted with the exhibition of the handicrafts of pensioners of Dniprovsky district.

The participants in the Palace were shown a historical movie about the attack of the Nazi troops on the defenders of the 3rd brigade of the 16-th anti-aircraft artillery brigade, and about evacuation of industrial enterprises in 45 days prior to the city's defense.

To the memorial monument – the gun, installed near the Palace of Culture in the honor of the defenders of the 3rd Brigade of the 16-th anti-aircraft artillery brigade, on behalf of all those present at the meeting the baskets of floral tributes were laid.

On behalf of the city's Mayor, Anatoly Pustovarov, his Deputy, handed the letters of acknowledgment to individual veterans for patriotic upbringing of the youth.

Korolenko Viktor Dmitrievich, Chairman of the city veteran organization, addressed the audience.

At the conclusion, the artists of the Municipal Theater presented the concert program for all participants of the celebratory event.


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