Recreation Center “Chaika” has held the first visit trip

Recreation Center “Chaika” has held the first visit trip

Since May 14 - 25 the team of the sanatorium-health care center did the honours of the house for 42 veterans of our Company. They gained not only ability to improve their health by means of the program selected specially for each person, but also participated in a number of events developed for our guests. These include the concert from the children's studio "Chaika", and the contest "Hello, we are looking for talents!" Also, in the framework of the program "Let's Save Traditions" and in honor of the Day of traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, the concert was held. The veterans were so touched that even at the end of the event they did not came apart for a long time and thanked the organizers for the wonderfully spent time.

But in addition to entertainment, various issue-related days were organized in the canteen, with provision of mobile office of the social to explain the accrual of the grants in connection with the adoption of a new Resolution. Al; veterans were very happy that they would not have to yearn in stuffy offices to get answers to their questions, but they have got the information they wanted n a calm and friendly atmosphere.

In general, the first visit trip is completed and it was full of content and interesting for everybody.


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