At ZTR has passed the Sports Festival "Fair of Movement"

At ZTR has passed the Sports Festival

Within the framework of the cycle of the Company social and corporate events, the children's Sports Festival "Fair of Movement" was held on March 31 at Sports Palace of "Chaika" Recreation Center.

Sports competitions are intended for increase of the children’s interest as referred to healthy and active lifestyle, development of a spirit of competitiveness, and promotion of physical abilities in in-game form, which, undoubtedly, will have a positive impact on their future life. The competitions were held among the children of the employees of the Company Transformer workshop - the winners of Sport and Athletics Meeting of 2016-2017. It is obvious that the children are the mirror of the parents. Of course, it's still not possible to play adultly at this age, but the youngsters had aspirations and desire to win more than enough!

Boys and girls were joined into three teams; they invented original names for their teams, one of the teams has showed an initiative and even rhymed the motto. Thanks to a variety of relay races: competition as to the dexterity, speed, coordination and attention, - the youngsters were able to approve themselves in full scope. It was really dynamic and passionate event, which kept the interest of the fans throughout the sporting event. In turn, the emotional support from the grand stand ensured further encourage for the children. As you can guess, for the most part of the grand stand was occupied by the most interested fans of the youngsters - their dads and moms.

Consolidation of the youngsters, the real team responsibility should be also noted; they played together, supporting each other. The team captains appointed at the beginning of the game, set the rhythm of the competition, and their older mentors in turn provided them an assistance: in the two teams there were the dads (for the first time in the history of the competition), and in the third team - the mom.

The youngsters admitted that they are looking forward to the next competitions, because this is an excellent occasion to spend time cheerfully and profitably!

Summarizing the results of the competitions, the places among the teams were tabulated as follows:
Ist place - the team "Invisible racers"
IndI place - the team "Predators"
IIIrd place - team "Wave"

But this is just the case when the Olympic principle comes to the place: "The main thing is not to win, the main thing is to participate!"

In general, our "small Olympics" turned out to be interesting and bright, which was abetted by excellent organization of the competition. Thanks to the organizers, guests and participants of this Sports Festival! Good-bye for the moment!


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