"Quality Costs: Financial Statistics of Management of Non-Compliance and Risk Management"

"Even if you are on the right road, but just sit on it, you will still be overtaken”, William Penn Adair Rogers.

New versions of the standards being the aim of ZTR effort, have introduced the concept of "risk-oriented mentality" into our work practice. For several years this requirement is kept as the most discussed requirement among the quality experts and the Company Managers. And its implementation guarantees the success of any organization.
Risk Management is one of the top-3 of the critical competencies based on the opinion of the surveyed General Directors as a result of the PwC Global CEO Survey.
At the same time, Risk Management is one of the most underdeveloped competencies among the Managers.

We decided to study this issue in more detailed way and the course "Quality Costs: Financial Statistics of Management of Non-Compliances and Risk Management" was held last week at ZTR. It was devoted to assessment and discussion of the overall maturity level of Risk Management System and the cost of quality, examination of the current Risk Registers, and development of Process Cost Model. In general, a time was passed for the benefit and ensured learning of a lot of new and interesting issues.

After all, LIFE is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep MOVING. We are moving, we are learning and developing. We know that there is always a room for improvement, there are still many steps ahead, but the main thing is that we are coming along: keeping in step, holding the hands. So, success is guaranteed to us.


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