We work well - we have a good rest

We work well - we have a good rest

How to spend a warm Saturday day? We know…
The main rule of excellent holiday is to remember to call the friends, and you will ensure yourself with a fun holiday that will be in your memory remembered for a long time.

Do you remember in your boyhood days the game "Cossacks-robbers"? The principle of the game is simple: you are given a gun, and you are going to shoot. So, the youth of ZTR decided to recall this fascinating game and spend actively the weekend. But instead of the bullets, the balls filled with paint were used. Virtually no any pain, it was just a complete pleasure.

20 people from 7 subdivisions were participated in the game. After instructions, the players were divided into two teams. Based on audible call of the instructor, the game started. Two hours spilled away like an instant. The youngsters received a lot of positive emotions and a lot of impressions; their eyes were gleamed with a thrill of the competition/

And we have realized that such games are not only an exciting pastime, but also a great way for the teambuilding.

Hope that this will become a good tradition for us.


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