The Company of veterans informs

The Company of veterans informs

April for the Company veterans was rich as to the event: three teams of veterans on April 12, 16 and 17 have visited the Children's Botanical Garden of the city. On April 16, the veterans visited a meeting with the honorary citizen of Zaporozhye city, D.V. Ilyenkov, the former Director of Aluminum plant; the meeting was held in Dneprovsky District Administration. On April 18 there was a regular meeting of the veterans of Motor Transport, Railway and Repair and Construction Workshops.

The Council of Veterans expresses the gratitude to the Company Trade Union organization for financial support for excursions for our pensioners, as well as for to S.N. Shevchenko, Head of MTW for provision of transport facilities for such trips.

A good tradition of the Council of veterans is to with a happy birthday at home to the pensioners who turned 90 and over. There are six such people in April, four of them have  been already congratulated, they are: A.F. Romanenkov, (HW), Y.V. Buryakova. (Print shop), V.K. Chepkov, (RWW), O.I. Smetana, (TW № 2). We wish all our long-livers to live many more years in health and well-being so that every day would be filled with love of the family members, brings a joy, smiles and pleasant moments.

Today, 850 people over 70 years of 2,268 pensioners who are registered in the Veteran organization. The age of members of the Company Veteran organization is constantly increasing. In today's difficult life, many of them are troubled with health problems. An increasing number of veterans are seeking the material assistance due to the high cost of treatment, conducting the operations. Every month the Commission of the Council of Veterans examines the applications submitted and take over the documents to the social and welfare commission of the Company, according to "Provision of material assistance" at the Company. Every month 6-7 pensioners received such assistance.

The Council of Veterans thanks the administration of the Company in the person of A. Gaydaeva, HR Director, for care and attention to our pensioners. Within today's difficult times, the people who have dedicated the most of their life to the Company, are in need of such care.


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