"My family loves sports, my father, mother, and I"

To ensure a pleasure from mutual communication of the children and the parents, on April 28 there were the competitions in ZTR Sports Palace for the Company employees and their families "My family loves sports, my father, mother, and I”.

The families of the employees participating in the competitions are from: Transformer workshop, Hardware workshop and Magnetic Circuit workshop. At the beginning the daddies and the moms were “feel ill at ease” when looking at active children. But, as it is in a children's song, "Papa can, Papa can do anything", and therefore they quickly got their hand in it. Children were delighted; - it is not so often possible to see their parents doing such an occupation. And the merry sports relays after the work-out procedure allowed the children not only to admire, but also to be proud of their parents. After all, they were in good sports shape: they performed with skill all eleven prepared relay races as for movement gaining, dexterity and coordination; they have proved to be fast, dexterous, able to work in a team. In turn, the moms and the dads could see the abilities and know-how of their children. Together they formed the real sports teams, among which there could not be any losers.

The most memorable and hot-tempered was the competition between the moms and the dads in the relay "General Cleaning", when it was necessary to collect the pieces of paper using the small dust pans, while moving, and finally get the pieces into the trash can. The participants were the worthy adversaries and nobody wanted to lose.
Of course, at the end of the festival, there was awarding. All participants were awarded with the diplomas and the valuable gifts.

The event was no slouch! There were the days off ahead, which our friendly families spent together. And every child must have remembered what kind of sportsman was his (her) or how youthful the mom was. All the fans and the participants received the positive emotions, the boost of energy and optimism.

Participants and fans asked to organize as often as possible such events, which joint together the children and the parents, and making our life diverse and rich.
We promise to continue to play such games!


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