Сhampionship of prestige of working professions “YOUNG PROFESSIONALS”

Сhampionship of prestige of working professions “YOUNG PROFESSIONALS”

Today, among the teachers of vocational education, the main goal of the educational process is supplemented by the compulsory performance of another task - education of the happy human being who will has a sense of his energies, his weight in the society and the prestige of the acquired profession. And in connection with this, on March 28-29,  the second year through, the championship of prestige of working professions “YOUNG PROFESSIONALS” was held in Zaporozhye right-bank professional lyceum.

The championship was held within two days – it includes the theoretical and the practical stage.
The theoretical stage was organized and conducted on March 28, 2018 using the computer-aimed testing. At this stage, the students' knowledge of competencies related to vocational training was assessed.
The students who gained 50% or more of correct answers were transferred to the II-nd practical stage of the Championship. The practical stage was held on March 29, 2018 with participation of  53 students from the lyceum, from I to III training course.

During celebratory assembly dedicated to opening of the ІІ-nd stage of the Championship, K.K. Onoda, the Head of Dneprovsky District Administration of Zaporozhye city, deliver the opening address and was the first speaker.

Representatives of the City's large-scale enterprises, the employers and the partners of the Lyceum, including “ZTR” PrJSC in the person of Anna Gaydayeva, HR Director, and Semenyuk Alexander, Head of Vocational Development and Training Department, were engaged in the Championship.

Anna Igorevna wished a success to all participants, added that in fact, the working specialty is important for our region and, in particular, for ZTR. She noted about the long-standing and close cooperation with the Lyceum (the students do the practical training, with excursions on a regular base). And that in future it is planned to support these traditions of partnership. She wished to passionate about work, to believe in themselves and to approach with a spirit to any initiative.
Within the framework of the Championship, the round table was held with representatives of Companies on the topic “Prospects for introduction of dual education" and a certain priority areas for cooperation.

After two hours of the students' practical training, in accordance with assessment criteria, based on the solution taken by the expert groups from each competence, the best students - prize-winners were selected. Levchenko Vitaly, Deputy Head of “ZTR” PrJSC Welding Workshop was elected as one of the experts.

All the winners of the Championship are awarded with the certificates and monetary compensation. In addition, the students who took the premier place have received the valuable gifts of the professional orientation and transition cups of the Championship.


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