This is hard work

This is hard work

We write a lot about events, holidays, and forgot completely to acquaint you with our inward habit within ZTR Company. In fact we have such professions that are unique and it is available only at such Company as ours. These include the assembly operators of the transformers and the fitters of the transformer cores, the winding operators of the transformer windings, the boiler-makers, etc. However, these are not the boiler-makers who operate in boiler houses, but about them - further.
Today we are opening a series of articles about people and their professions in our Company and gradually you will be point-by-point acquainted with our plant and with those unique people employed at our Company.
During production of such complicated equipment as transformer, it is required to involve a lot of people of different specialist field.
One of the professions needed for production of the transformers, is the winding operator of the transformer windings.
This profession is complicated, narrowly focused, that allowed for operation exclusively at the production facilities similar to ZTR.
And despite the fact that during continuous winding of a large number of layers on the coil, there is a certain sameliness, upon the whole, the work of the winding operator is diverse and interesting, since it represents a combination of mental, manual and machine activities, and at the same time, this work is fascinating and requires the high-class training.

And did you know that:
   - single turn of the winding could have the weight up to 100 kg;
   - to become the professional winding operator-all-round craftsman, it is necessary to work for 5 years;
   - only one of 5 trained persons becomes the winding operator;
   - the winding can contain several thousand turns

Winding operator is the best of the best among the labor class.

It is necessary to have the superior intelligence level in order to understand the drawing.
The result of the winding operator is often unseen, but in case of any slight mischance, the entire will become unserviceable.
The winding operator works in pairs. Quality and the end result depend upon proficiency of operations with the partner.
If the winding operators are mostly the men, but the positions of the second winding operator (assistant) at ZTR are occupied by the women.
In case of long-term teamwork, two people making-up the professional duet finish each other’s sentences.
Interestingly, that there are such "the couples" at ZTR that make up the husband and the wife.
These are:
Alexey and Olga Rudenko
Vitaly and Valentina Volyuvach
Oleg and Tatiana Shumakov
Victoria and Yuri Samoylenko

Our employees are the honor of us!


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