The team of young people of ZTR won prizes at the regional Festival of working youth 2016

The team of young people of ZTR won prizes at the regional Festival of working youth 2016

On June 2-3, on the coast of the Azov Sea in Kirillovka village at the recreation center “Primorskaya Galateya” there was held the “Festival of working youth of Zaporozhye region 2016” organized by the office of youth, physical culture and sports of Zaporozhye regional administration. In total the event was attended by 11 labour groups of the area (oblast). Young people had the opportunity to talk with representatives of other companies and areas: metallurgists, aircraft-engine manufacturers, physicians, educators, sportsmen, people who create welfare for the city, region and all country. They are also creative and the festival proved it. Right after the opening of the festival the teams began to compete for the summer cup of humour “KVN” (club of cheerful and sharp-witted). The team of PJSC “ZTR” named “Isolator of waste” won the third place and was glad with the result, especially considering the fact that the team took part in the game incomplete due to the illness of two team members. However the representatives of “ZTR” got around the leading figures of humour and just slightly made concession to very strong teams, - told us the leader of ZTR team “Isolator of waste” Ivan Pasko.

Right after the end of KVN game the competitions in tennis and volleyball began. In spite of the fact that it started raining which lasted until the morning, volleyball battles became even more active. Watching the game you could say that those playing in such conditions grew stronger just like steel. As a result teams of ZTMK and ZTR reached the final. The first festival day ended with the contest “Dance teams battle”. It consisted of three stages: “Dance team trademark”, “Solo to solo” and “Experience exchange”.

The second day of the festival began with the game “What? Where? When?” and ended with the volleyball finals in which the youth team of “ZTR” won the second place. According to the players and spectators of the volleyball competition, the team of “ZTR” was inspired by the leader of the volleyball team Alexander Vorona. “It’s a pity we didn’t manage to bring here our complete first team but I’m sure the next year we will definitely win the first prize”, - commented Alexander Vorona.  “I am for the first time at such an event and greatly impressed with everything happening there. It is an endless space of positive emotions, humour, sports, intellectual competition and, of course, team spirit of the competition”, - mentioned the team member of ZTR Oleg Mamai.


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