People of PJSC “ZTR” took part in all-Ukrainian action “Ruhanka

People of PJSC “ZTR” took part in all-Ukrainian action “Ruhanka

On April 6, 2016 on the eve of the International Health Day the all-Ukrainian action “Ruhanka” took place in Zaporozhye. About 500 people gathered for this mass physical activity. Labour youth of PJSC “ZTR” under the leadership of the Palace of Sports director Andrey Natalyuk also participated in vigorous “Rukhanka”.

With this action youth of Zaporozhye region declared its position – young people are up for healthy lifestyle. Educatees of sports sections of Zaporozhye brought joy to the guests of the event with their impressive exhibition performances. Physical exercises were carried out by the sports family Boris and Svetlana Kokarevs. The coaches prepared an interesting and intensive routine and participants did these exercises to the rousing music actively and with great pleasure.

As a result of the whole action everybody got a huge supply of cheerfulness and positive emotions. It would be great to involve into such health promotion movements as many people as possible because promotion of healthy life-style especially amongst youth is a guarantee of healthy development of the nation.


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