A master class on salsa took place at ZTR

A master class on salsa took place at ZTR

On September, 18 there was held a master class on salsa at ZTR recreation center. The people of the plant could plunge into the atmosphere of Latin American dances, feel stirring rhythms of Latin dancing and discover the incredible original Cuban culture.

The master class consisted of two parts. During the first one everyone could learn basic moves of Cuban dance salsa. According to the instructors, salsa is a combination of incongruous, mix of styles and entire cultures, Cuban rhythms and fiery Colombian parties mixed into one passionate dance. Translated from Spanish salsa is a sauce. And this name, like no other, fits this dance – hot, spicy and memorable. This kind of dancing has no rules but one: to dance it sincerely and emotionally. The instructors were able to reach out to everyone as our workers learn salsa niceties for the first time.

The second part consisted of learning a slower and more sensitive dance – bachata. The zest of the master class became the show of the “Sunrise” ballet and an overall animation with funny and rousing moves for all guests.

The management of the plant considers the wishes of the staff concerning the organization of leisure and has in mind gladdening the workers with such activities in future.


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