Assistance for veterans is our sacred duty

Assistance for veterans is our sacred duty

This is well known at "Zaporozhtransformator" PJSC, where on occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Victory The Company Administration traditionally held a series of events aimed at honoring veterans of the Great Patriotic war. Their total number in the the Company makes up 439 people. 120 veterans of the Great Patriotic war have received charitable assistance in the amount of about 20 thousand UAH (17.5 thousand UAH.). They are participants of the Great Patriotic war, participants of military operations and invalids of the Great Patriotic war.

On occasion of Victory Day, the Company administration organized a traditional meeting with veterans in the territory of "Chayka" at Khortitsa island. There was organized a holiday lunch and eventful concert program for veterans. There were songs of the war years, and sincere congratulations from the Management addressed to the staff of home front and to those who were at the front line.

According to Igor Kleyner, the Deputy of Regional Council, General Director of "ZTR" PJSC, during the year the Company provides the monthly assistance for the veterans. Within the period since May 2014 up to May 2015, financial assistance for rehabilitation in the hotel "Chayka", surgical procedures and purchase of expensive medicines, payment of benefits, and holding of themed evenings for veterans, organization of greetings and charitable assistance for the pensioners of "Zaporozhtransformator" PJSC, who reached 90 years and more, made up in total the amount above UAH 200 thsd.

By supporting of veterans ' organisation of "ZTR" PJSC - the largest one in Leninsky district as well as in the city, which includes more than 3 thousand of persons, – Igor Vsevolodovich also takes an active part in organization of city events dedicated to Victory Day celebration. So, the Great Patriotic war veterans participated in the Meeting-Requiem and wreath-laying to the monument of Grieving mother in Leninsky district, and in holding of city-wide meeting dedicated to Victory Day at Glory Path. ZTR organized transportation of the veterans to the holding place of the arrangements.

Another project, in which "Zaporozhtransformator" PJSC has participated customary for several years, is an annual charity telethon "Memory". This year the amount UAH 20 thsd has been transfered to the account of Fund.

ZTR treats the veterans at the Company with respect, giving them the credit not only during the holiday, but also every day. "We bend our heads on the breast in front of those who fought heroically at the front and worked in the home front, and who, returning from the war, not sparing their strength and health, has rebuilt the economy, in the name of people living at present and future generation" - says Igor Kleyner. - We follow our veterans of war and labor, learn from them, and always be faithful to those traditions, which they have laid. Assistance for the veterans is our sacred duty. Dear veterans, please accept our sincere wishes of happiness and health, kindness and love of others, peace and long life!".


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