The vision of future of ZTR is inherent to the young professionals

The vision of future of ZTR is inherent to the young professionals

Today, when our country is going through a difficult period, the task of the State and the society shall be formation of the healthy young generation and effective strategy for its development. It is important to focus on patriotism and spiritual values, and, of course, to support the positive initiatives and youth projects.

Igor Kleyner, Deputy of Regional Council, "ZTR" PJSC General Director, Head of the large-scale company with a share of young people above 40% of employees, realizes the value of young staff and provides them with active assistance. "The vision of future of ZTR is inherent to young professionals who are ready to invest in their company strength, ability and aspirations, - says Igor Vsevolodovich. - Therefore, our task is development and assistance to young employees, implementation of their professional and creative potential for the benefit of the Company."

Since 2012 the Corporative Young Employees Organization has successfully carried out its activities at PJSC "ZTR". For almost three years of activities, with support of the Company management, the organization of young employees has realized and held 56 events. The projects aimed at improving of professional skills and strengthen the prestige of profession are always at the forefront for the youth organization. Thus, the competitions for the title of "Best crane operator", "Best Welder" and "Best collector", "Best winder" are traditional for ZTR. The activists of the youth organization participate actively and win the prizes in such competitions also at other factories, thus establishing the friendly contacts with the youth of the city Companies.

For several years now “ZTR” youth council takes part in the Forum of working youth. In 2015 the festival united about 100 representatives of ten industrial enterprises of the region. At the end of two days of the forum team of ZTR received the third honorary place.
Igor Vsevolodovich does not also set aside healthy life-style issues of young employees and promotes popularization of new forms of leisure-time arranging for working youth in every possible way. Traditionally with support of administration there have been organized in-house Spartakiada Games, attending of the swimming-pool. Also guys go hiking with great relish, organize joint short trips to Baida Island, go on excursions to other cities etc.

In addition, active members of the youth council organize initiatives on collecting goods and food for the ATO soldiers, conduct sport days for the inmates of children’s home “Nadezhda”, arrange community work days to beautify the territory of the plant and take part in the local community work days.

Youth council also proves itself active in competitions of the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted. ZTR team “Young horse” within a short space of time came to the local level and earn the sympathy of people of Zaporozhye. For the second year young people participate in the Open League of the cheerful and sharp-witted; having won competitions in Zaporozhye they showed their worth in the League of Laughter (Odessa). One more interesting direction supported by the factory management is the “Brain-ring» game. For several seasons plant workers have been playing for the title of the smartest team of the plant and since 2014 participate in the local series of mind sports and get prize-winning places.

It is important as never before to support young people in their aspiration to achieve to their creative and intellectual capacities, contribute to building-up active civic position. Supporting of young people’s projects is the safeguard of opportunity for them to evolve professionally, build career, and develop their personality qualities and talents, which means having chances to become worthful members of society.


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