Their main task is to return home alive. ZTR volunteers give support to fighting men.

Their main task is to return home alive. ZTR volunteers give support to fighting men.

Employees of the plant “ZTR” have always been showing unity, traditions of mutual assistance, and active involvement into social processes and events of today. And in present difficult times “Zaporozhtransformator’ does not stand aside – the company is deeply concerned about the destiny of our country. In addition to the numerous help provided by the plant management, the company organized an active volunteer movement that involves employees of all ranks and ages.

At the initiative of the plant there was organized large-scale volunteer work in the production units, administration, factory trade union and youth council. According to the director of personnel ZTR Juliana Perun, from April 2014 to April 2015 73 employees of PJSC "ZTR" were called up for military service in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. At the beginning of the month 31 ex-servicemen employees are on vacation. "The plant provides all possible assistance and does everything to ensure that workers, called up for the military service were provided with whatever they required - says Yuliana Romanovna. - First of all, this refers to purchase of bullet-proof vests, sleeping bags, backpacks, helmets, goggles, heavy machinery. Also basic essentials, warm clothing, and many other things are being purchased. I want to mention that the management of the plant actively participates in the volunteer work. ZTR volunteer associations took patronage over the Zaporozhye separate artillery brigade №55. One of heads of the plant handed over a "UAZ" car for the use of the brigade. Money transfers are regularly made and other assistance in food, clothes and means of personal hygiene is given. The good news is that many of the factory workers responded to the call for help, and together we were able to help our men on the frontline. "

Every time volunteers reported on the work done to the factory newspaper. We quote an extract from one of the reports: “The guys got lots of stuff including warm clothes, fresh fish, apples, lard, thermal underwear and lighters: 60 sets of bedclothes, 60 sets of thermal underwear, 60 pairs of terry socks, 50 sweaters, boots (felt boots with leather soles) in size for the whole squadron, 50 blocks of cigarettes, 10 flasks, 50 balaclava helmets, 60 pairs of fleece gloves and 60 pairs of woolen gloves, a chainsaw, pocket flashlights and rechargeable lamps, frying pans, spoons, shovels, knives. They also got a lot of means of personal hygiene including aftershave lotion, medicine, 400 cans of hot soup, lots of spices, 2 string bags of apples, 2 boxes of lemons, 8 kg of souse loaf, 10 kg of smoked cheek-meat fat, smoked cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, condensed cream, 7 litres of vegetable oil, margarine, 24 cans of stewed meat, 50 cans of paste, 20 cans of canned fish, 25 kg of fresh scaled fish and lots of other things. Help for the frontline from hand to hand”, the report says.

Emotional and psychological state of the military men is no less important than the physical one. Children’s drawings, letters and kind words of support help to keep balance of mind and go towards the victory. Volunteers of “Zaporozhtransformator” set themselves the task to help our military men by all possible means. “All of us understood that we need to help our guys out. I saw off my husband to the army but couldn’t keep still, I needed to do something. – Irina Soboleva shares, tool shop ZTR. – In my spare time I knitted socks, baked cakes. All these were taken and given to the military men. Of course, the most memorable moment for me was our arrival with the team to 55 brigade and held a remarkable concert for the soldiers. We wanted to give positive, kind emotions and our support. When we were going to leave, they asked us to come back soon. And we will surely come.”

Demobilized factory workers are sincerely grateful to the company and staff for their support and care. “I served in 40 km from Slavyansk, - says Dmitriy Sotnik, the shooter of the corporate paramilitary security. – Volunteers came often. I’d like to say that had it not been for them, I don’t know what we would have survived then. I was bought a bullet-proof vest for the funds raised by the employees of our plant. We were helped by food and warm clothes. In winter we lived under canvas, it was hard but meetings with volunteers inspired us every time. It was nice to realize that somebody cared about us. Thanks for the help!”

Alexander Kuzmenko, the welding workshop overman: “ We carried on war around Donetsk airport. I can say, it was rather “hot” sometimes. Bullets whizzed over our heads and I didn’t know what would happen the next second. It is an open secret that volunteers are the backbone of the war. Any soldier would tell you that the very “angels”, as we called them, supported our strength constantly, cheered us up and were there for us. We wouldn’t make it without their support. The people at the plant raised funds, collected things and food. Three times a week trains with humanitarian relief have been coming from volunteers. And there was everything anybody could want – pies, home-made sausages, marinades, letters from kids. Thanks for everything”.

Volunteers from ZTR realize it clearly that they are unable to make overall changes like to stop a natural disaster or war. “However, altogether we can influence lives of certain people just like us who appeared to be in the army or in the combat zone by circumstances, - activists share. – All of mobilized have parents, wives, children, who wait them at home. We really want all of them to come back home safe and sound. This is our main task.”


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