ZTR supports eco-projects

ZTR supports eco-projects

“Zaporozhtransformator” PJS provided assistance as for territory cleaning to social sphere objects after the recent windstorm.

Directors of comprehensive secondary schools of №22, №73, №89, and boarding school №4, and also municipal multifield hospital №9 have addressed their request to ZTR General Director, Mr. Igor Kleyner for assistance in cleaning the territory from fallen-down trees, branches, etc. For the needs of social establishments, the trucks and the hoisting cranes have been provided.

Within a week “ZTR” PJSC departments specialists have visited social objects addressed to the Company, loaded the branches, the standard-size debris, lifted the tree shafts by crane.

Directors of the schools express gratitude to the Company’s Director: “Thanks for assistance provided for territory cleaning, - noted the Staff Head of scientific and educational work of CSS №73 Mrs. Tamara Sinchenko. – To clean the school yard and grounds, it was required to use special equipment which has been provided by “ZTR” PJSC management. It is known that the factory provided assistance not only to our school, but also to other schools of the district and the hospital №9. It is very grateful that we have not found ourselves face-to-face with windstorm consequences alone. Fallen-down trees were the obstacles for children at playing during breaks, the block for the way. Thanks for understanding and operative decision of the issue”.

Zaporozhtransformator employees understand importance of social objects and significance of their uninterrupted operation for inhabitants of the district and the city as a whole.


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