“Thanks to such enterprises as yours, we have a hope that nobody would leave us in the trouble…»

“Thanks to such enterprises as yours, we have a hope that nobody would leave us in the trouble…»

In spite of difficult economic and political situation “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC is unconcerned as for the fate of enforced migrants and renders feasible assistance to them.

Ukraine is now in the most difficult periods over the whole history.  Challenge of this period is faced with dignity by military personnel, medics, MES employees, volunteers and public organizations, bodies of local self-government, grassroots and even industrial enterprises.

With situation when more and more enforced migrants arrive to Zaporozhye region from Donetsk and Lugansk regions, “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC welcomes the persons who are in need of encouragement and assistance at the territory of CRC “Chaika”. In the sanatorium now are 89 persons including 27 children, pregnant women and disabled people of various disability groups. For the purpose of normalization of moral and psychological state, the aggrieved persons are systematically supported by doctor-psychologist by means of holding discussions. Self-initiated feasible assistance to enforced migrants is provided by the Company employees by means of collecting of required goods, domestic utensils, medicines and provisions. It should be noted that such difficult situation in the country has united the Company staff and transforming it to integrated entity which is always prepared to reach out hand to the people who are in need of assistance. People often do not remember the power and positive influence of simple word of encouragement for the person appeared in such nonsimple conditions. It is very important for people who left their houses and land to know and have a sensation of safety and availability of somebody who would take care of them. Their sincere gratitude is expressed by those enforced migrants who are presently accommodated at the area of ZTR sanatorium-preventorium. “From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank all persons who was not indifferent to our pain, to “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC staff, and especially to Mr. Igor Kleiner, General Director, - noted Yana Guzchenko, enforced migrant from Lugansk. – Conditions in sanatorium are perfect, food is tasty; and also all factory workers are providing greatly assistance in clothes, living essentials and toys for children. We even have TV and microwave oven; all facilities are at top level. We hope very much that at once all will be settled down and I and my husband could return home. There in Lugansk our relatives have left. They sill concealed in the basements and we communicate with them as possible and hope for the best. Thanks to such enterprises as yours, we have a hope that nobody would leave us in the trouble and always provide the assistance. Thank you!”.

ZTR also provides financial and organizational aid to Zaporozhye united municipal military commissariat, GSCS, military unit 3033 of Department of Interior of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region for the purpose of improvement of military alert and proper service by means of transportation of citizens liable to call-up to their duty stations. According to Deputy Head of administration of GSCS civil defense of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region, Mr. Aleksey Dunayev, “ZTR” PJSC provides active and appropriate support in organization of camps for enforced migrants in locations of antiterrorism operation (ATO). “For needs of enforced migrants 20 beds completed with mattresses, pillows and blankets, - noted Aleksey Nikolayevich. – “The Company provides humanitarian aid and we express our gratitude that your people and management treat with care to the needs of enforced migrants, as well as to the employees who are in the zone of warfare”.

Also 49 ZTR liable employees have been called-up to mobilization and serve honorably their duty in various military units including the most flash points of country – ATO zone. As other guys they left their mothers, children, relatives with single objective solely – to safeguard their Homeland and stand up for the most close people even at the cost of own life.

Today all Ukrainians are working for the purpose of situation normalization. Transformer manufacturers have a faith in settling of situation in the nearest future. But currently they are not indifferent and carry their weight to the life support and defense of own country.


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