Veterans should be always remembered

Veterans should be always remembered

May 9 is a holiday of nation-wide pride and remembrance which entered the people’s hearts as a symbol of heroism and outstanding courage. Igor Kleyner, Deputy of Zaporozhye Regional Council, General Director of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC (ZTR) is confident that the veterans should be remembered not only due to Victory Day, but feasible assistance and attention has to be provided to those who gave us peaceful skies and ability to up-build a happy future.

One of glorious traditions of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC is constant concern for the factory veterans. ZTR veterans’ organization is the largest in Leninskiy district and in the city – it takes active position and operates based on systematic principles. Organization includes more than 3 thousand persons. Activity of organization is coordinated by veterans’ board which has been governed by Balyk Vasiliy Denisovich, honorary veteran of Ukraine, participant in military operations, war cripple, for more than 25 years. The factory veterans’ organization interacts fruitfully with regional, municipal and district organizations of veterans, Zaporozhye regional organization of war cripples and Military forces, etc.

“”ZTR” PJSC Board of veterans is one of leading organizations of veterans in our city which deeply concerns each member, cares about them, provides assistance and support, sets up the parties of meeting and memory for the veterans for whom, quite often, the fellow solders are the only family, - noted Danilchenko Dmitriy Nikolayevich, Chairman of Zaporozhye regional organization of war cripples, military forces and participants in military operations. – Like no other we understand how important to remember and honor the heroic deed of the veterans, and are glad that “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC managed by I.V. Kleyner, General Director, supports good traditions of attention and assistance for veterans. I’d like to express a gratitude to ZTR factory and Igor Vsevolodovich Kleyner personally, as each appeal from us does not leave without reply and request and respond. ZTR provides assistance in purchase of expensive medicine for war veterans requiring special care and treatment. More over, ZTR actively participates in organization of municipal actions and projects dedicated to celebration of victory Day. Over the years “Zaporozhtransformator” provides the assistance to annual charitable telethon “Memory”. Sure that our veterans’ organizations will continue their friendship and mutual assistance also in future”.

To the 69th anniversary of Victory Day ZTR administration has performed several activities devoted to celebration in veterans` honor: charitable assistance in amount UAH 20 thds. was transferred to war veterans and invalids.  Festival concert took place in “ZTR” PJSC Palace of Culture devoted to celebration of Victory Day. War songs as well as sincere congratulations from administration were addressed to veterans, and all those being in the front line.

On May 14 traditional meeting of Great Patriotic War veterans took place with the administration of the company at sanatorium-preventorium in the Khortitsa island. Festival dinner and impressive concert program were organized for veterans. 

As Igor Vsevolodovich says company supports veterans monthly within the year. 2014 Financial assistance is rendered for recreation at “Chayka” CRC, expensive medicine is purchased, allowances are paid, thematic festivals for veterans in amount UAH 200thds. took places  for the period from March of the year 2013 up to March of the year.


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