“Brain-ring”. Spring intellectual games

“Brain-ring”. Spring intellectual games

On April 16, already traditional intellectual game “Brain ring” took place in Palace of Culture named after V. Ivanov of “ZTR”. ZTR employees were waiting new season of intellect-club with impatience, where representatives of the main workshops and subdivisions would mix up in close fight for the rank of the most clever team. Equally with complicated logical questions from the sphere of general knowledge, ZTR version of “Brain ring” included issues related to the factory, its history, production and technological processes. For the purpose of checking not only general knowledge, but also professional skills, 4 teams took part in the game: “Board of Youth”, “Stele Manual”, “Brainstorm”, “Theory of strong explosion”.

The game turned out enthralling and interesting. Within intellectual struggle all participants have shown themselves to be sufficient.

Based on ZTR Directorate information, development of professional, cultural, social and other qualities of the factory employees are of great concern at the Company. Therefore, sports contests, competitions pf professional skills, organization of amicable sport meetings with adjacent enterprises, etc. are integral part of ZTR social policy. “Brain ring” is one of the projects able to improve social activity and realize initiative of young personnel, including improvement of professional skills as well as level of staff cohesion.

As the result of the game, the places were allocated as follows: 1 place - «Brainstorm», 2 place - “Board of Youth”, 3 place - “Theory of strong explosion” and 4 place - “Stele Manual”.


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