ZTR is rising its humour standard

ZTR is rising its humour standard

On April 11, open festival of Club of Merry and Inventive took place; it was organized by representatives of “Zaporozhstal”. More than 500 spectators gathered in “Metallurg” Palace of Culture, who were thoroughly enjoyed and obtained a favorable information.

Festival coordinators invited for participation the members of Club of Merry and Inventive from different enterprises and higher educational institutions of the city and the region.
It was not the first time when ZTR employees took the stage of “Metallurg” Palace of Culture. Last year our humorists appropriately presented themselves at the festival of Club of Merry and Inventive dedicated to 80-th anniversary of “Zaporozhstal”. At that time, well-known and loved team “Isolator of rejects” took the second medal place.

This time the festival was similarly rich and merry. Enthralling miniatures, comic sketches related to everyday life, practical jokes, anecdotal events from working, sparkling jokes – all these made the festival positive, vivid and filled with energy; nobody could be unconcerned. In total, two contests – “Welcoming speech” and “Biathlon” – were represented for consideration of the jury and the supporters. Our humorists have demonstrated professionalism and appropriateness in each contest. This was the result of participation in different festivals, city humour performances and of course, factory league of Club of Merry and Inventive at ZTR. The games of Club of Merry and Inventive have been held at “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC for more than 3 years and brought together the packed audience of spectators which provide supporting of  favorite teams.

As a consequence of intensive struggle, the jury awarded the first place to the team “Zaporozhye Vector – ZNTU – Mashinka”, the second place – to ZNU, the third place – to the team “Mologost” – the home team of festival. Team of “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC took the forth place of honor. ZTR team was specially mentioned by the festival coordinators as perspective and advanced team as referred to humour level. For reference: among participants of the festival there were combined teams of Zaporozhye league of Club of Merry and Inventive, repeated winners of festivals and competitions. Worthy performance of our team at the level of humour coryphaei as well as approval of the jury, once again confirm that ZTR is able not only maintain the humour level, but raise it annually!

To the point, humorous program of our team has been approved for participation in professional league of Zaporozhye Club of Merry and Inventive! Keep it up! Wishing new victories!


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