ZTR employees have defended the company honor at the competition “Mister Zaporozhye – 2014”

ZTR employees have defended the company honor at the competition “Mister Zaporozhye – 2014”

On March 28 in Zaporozhye, in palace of culture named after Shevchenko, the competition “Mister Zaporozhye – 2014” took place with participation of 12 youngsters aged from 18 to 23. The guys represented various educational institutions and industrial enterprises of Zaporozhye city. Two persons of the company were presented from “Zaporozhtransformator” PJSC: Maxim Antoshin and Alexander Sorokin, electric welders of automatic and semi-automatic welding machines, Welding workshop. The guys have defended appropriately the company honor within all contents.

The competition has been organized by Board of Directors of Regional Center of Youth, with assistance of Management of Youth, Physical Culture and Sport of Zaporozhye State Regional Administration. Traditionally, the competition started from presentation of the participants. Each of nominees narrated about himself, his hobbies and arbours within a few minutes. It was glad to see choreographic performances, appearance of the guys as the Cossacks with rousing Ukrainian dances, as well as a great number of original numbers. One of the most important contests was demonstration of participants’ talents when our guys have presented their skills in dual acrobatics and rap reading. Besides, the competition participants surprised the audience by dances, songs and even saxophone playing.

On completion of the competition, each participant was awarded. Maxim Antoshin was rewarded according to his deserts as the second Vice-Mister and Alexander Sorokin became “Mister Artistry”.


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