Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility for ZTR means ethical conduct of the business as referred to human society, complex conception, embracing various areas related to the people’s life, including social protection, culture, health, relaxation, charity, etc.

Our consciousness of the fact is that commercial activity of ZTR affects directly the society we are living in, and the company progress occurs where social aspects are considered to be the substantial part of the business strategy. Our foundations are corporate responsibility and stable development consistent with society. We try to make contribution not only to economical development of the region, the country, the industrial sector, improve the life quality of employees and their families, but also make an effort to be socially responsible concerning to prosperity of the local society at large.

ZTR is a socially-oriented enterprise, being proactive in the life of our region: this includes both a transfer of tax and other fees into the budgets of different levels, employment assistance and social guaranties for the company employees. Charitable activity, patronage assistance, financial aid is carried out by the company on the regular base for schools, kindergarten, school boarding houses, medical and educational institutions, veterans’, and public organizations. The factory upholds initiatives and facilitates in realization of various projects of city hall, regional sate administration, regional council, etc. It is already many years ZTR consistently sponsors the children’s home “Nadezhda” and similar-named handball club ZTR together with Children and Youth Handball Academy.

Similar to any other trends of activities, achievement of an object in social sphere is unlimited. Annually new projects are developed for the purpose of improvement of life quality of the company employees and territorial community.

Social protection

Social protection of ZTR employees is the priority direction of the company social corporative strategy.

Sanatorium-preventorium located on the island Khortitsa is functioning at ZTR. Annually 1200 employees of the company and 120 labor veterans take there a course of health-improving. Currently-operating factory sport center provides its gyms for training in various sport classes, ensures active promotion of healthy life-style both among the company employees and Leninsky district and city inhibitors. Activity of “ZTR” Palace of Culture is maintained by the company. Corporate arrangements, festal and theme concerts are held in PC; children of the company employees are educated in different artistic hobby groups depending upon their interests.

ZTR displays a deep respect towards the labor veterans and assists the factory veterans’ organization by arrangement of meetings, festive occasions and furnishing a financial assistance. The needy employees are also in the center of attention of ZTR: low-income groups, large families, employees having the handicapped children. The program of financial aid for such category of people is available and realized at the company.

The company employees are provided with possibility to have a lunch in well-serviced canteens and cafeterias located in the production workshops. Food complex is completely subsidized by the company, which makes the lunches being attractive as referred to their quality and taste perception as well as loyal prices.

Health and recreation

ZTR permanently improves the key social areas – comprehensive approach toward health protection: medical insurance, promotion of healthy life-style, arrangement of conditions for rehabilitation, health improvement of the company employees, arrangement of the employees’ resource, family’s recreation and holidays of the employees’ children in recreation camps and centers for chieldren.

ZTR Handball club

ZTR Handball club

October 14, 1992 is the date of establishment of “ZTR” Handball Club. “ZTR” Club is the pride of the company, the region and the whole Ukraine; it is the repeated national champion. Tens of masters of sports have been trained in the team. The team members have been basis of the National Team of the country within the total period since establishment of the Club.

Today, “ZTR” Handball Club is the leading professional handball club of Ukraine with well-developed infrastructure, athletic and recreation base, relationship with managing profession-oriented sub-departments of National University, their worshippers and fans both in the city and in the country.

Under “ZTR” HC, Olympic reserve school (ZTR-SDYSR) was established and nowadays it includes about 400 children and teenagers from the region and the city, with age range from 10 to 17 years, many of which are the children of the company employees.

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