Shunt Reactors

Shunt reactor 110 MVAr, 750kV, Zapadnoukrainskaya s/s, Ukraine

Shunt reactors manufactured by ZTR are purposed for reactive power compensation in the transmission lines rated for voltage 35–800 kV. Reactors ensure increasing of the line transfer capability, reducing of electric power losses at its transformation, improving of the quality of electric power supplied to the users. Basic model of shunt reactors has been developed considering the experience of reactors operated in the power networks within 30 years. Design with core-type magnetic system with gapped-core was chosen as a basic model being the most reliable, economical and completely satisfactory for the customers’ requirements.

Neutral reactors

Macachin s/s - Neutral reactor
Macachin s/s - Neutral reactor

Neutral reactors manufactured by ZTR are purposed for short-circuit current limiting to the earth in case of breakdown in the transmission line. As a rule, such type of reactors have no magnetic system, are equipped with shields arranged outside and on the end surfaces of winding. Winding insulation is of oil-barrier type. Cooling system is of type ONAN.