ZTR service activity is aimed to ensuring the reliable and long-term operation of equipment supplied to the customers for the whole service life.

Service Center established in 1954 as department for supervision and operation is included in the company structure. Currently, Service Center is up-to-date scientific production complex with its own production and technical department, commercial office, subdivision of all-inclusive projects and mobile diagnostic laboratories within territories of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

After-sale services are realized in full correspondence with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001.

Focus areas of Service Center

Focus areas of Service Center

Contract Supervision

  • Traditional supervision of new products;
  • Mounting within “turn-key” contracts with assistance of regional partners;
  • Additional furnishing and mounting of the transformers after long-term storage at the customer;
  • Project development for work execution and technical assistance within erection;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for equipment with erection supervised by Service Center representatives.


  • All-inclusive and special diagnostics using own electro-technical and chemical laboratories;
  • Organization of diagnostics jointly with power system laboratories and partners;
  • Expert appraisal of the results related to diagnostics performed by other laboratories;
  • Electronic processing of the results of oil testing and analyses;
  • Estimation of residual life and development of actions required for service life extension.

Individual approach to diagnostics for each transformer on the grounds of design knowledge and operational experience ensures minimized costs for the client for diagnostics.

Equipment Repair and Adjustment

  • Development of projects for work performance and special technological processes for repairs of different level of sophistication;
  • Delivery of required components and materials for repair;
  • Technical management over repair at site;
  • Scheduled overhauls;
  • Emergency restorative repair at site conditions;
  • Repair, upgrading and rehabilitation of condition as for worn-down transformers;
  • Repair at the factory – complete rehabilitation of the transformer condition for 15–25 years of further operation;
  • Repair of equipment manufactured by others.

Upgrading and Extension of Service Life

  • Development of projects for upgrading of worn-down transformers;
  • Increase of the transformer capacity by 10–15 percent;
  • Installation of up-to-date sealing system;
  • Upgrading of cooling system employing the maintenance-free systems;
  • Replacement of bushings and tap changers for up-to-date analogs produced by worldwide leading manufacturers;
  • Installation of monitoring systems with different functional capabilities, including upper level;
  • Installation of fire and explosion prevention system “SERGI”;
  • Upgrading of equipment manufactured by others.

Availability of archives of the factory design documentation, up-to-date technical solutions, application of new technologists, legitimacy of the projects and the engineering solutions ensure the most effective meeting of the service challenges.

Supply of spares and components

Supply of spares and components

To carry out repairs and upgrading, the following could be supplied:

  • Control and Monitoring Systems;
  • Control cabinets of cooling systems of different types and desired control algorithm;
  • Tap changer devices – OLTC and OCTC;
  • Cooling systems and fans of different types;
  • Safety and shutoff valves, shutoff fittings, conservators, etc.;
  • Bushings for different applications and voltage classes;
  • Windings of the transformers produced at the factory for emergency and restoration repairs to be performed at site.