Zaporozhtransformator Private Joint Stock Company is the largest enterprise in Ukraine and Europe in the scope of production of oil-immersed power transformers and electric reactors, having manufacturing capacity 60 thsd. MVA per year, concentrated within a single plant site.

The Company was established in 1947 as Zaporozhye Transformer Plant, and in 1994, due to privatization process, the enterprise became Zaporozhtransformator Joint Stock Company.

Within 70 years of activity in the market, ZTR has attained the world-wide fame and high-level reputation as the manufacturer of high-quality and functionally reliable transformers and reactors. A special feature of equipment manufactured by ZTR is its high operational reliability.

ZTR values its reputation of reliable partner – manufacturer of reliable equipment. The main asset of the company is close-knit long-term relationship with the clients, based on sustained collaboration experience and mutual trust.

In 1960-th–1980-th, ZTR was among the pioneers of world-wide transformer production as for implementation of equipment rated for high-voltage classes 750 kV and 1150 kV, and in 1990-th – it successfully developed manufacturing of the unique innovative equipment for AC flexible controlled networks (FACTS) – controlled shunt reactors – CSRs.

ZTR today is up-to-day enterprise, dynamically developed and having experience of deliveries to the clients in 88 world countries.

Owing to realization of the scaled investment programs aimed at complete modernization of production and testing complex, improvement of design and manufacture technologies, elimination of “the bottlenecks” in the production process as well as perfection of infrastructure and labor conditions, ZTR ranks the reputable place among the sector world leaders, possessing high level of available technology and corporate culture. Volume of investments within 2005–2013 made up more than USD 80 mln.

Management System, valid at ZTR, ensures complex and successful solution of the issues related to securing the quality of products, ecology and labor safety. Management System is certified for correspondence to International standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.

We rely that only continuous improvement and consolidation of our values, will ensure the stable development of the Company, objectifying the vision and realizing our mission.

Our Vision

ZTR is an acknowledged leader in innovation solutions in the market of power transformers and reactors, successfully competing in international markets.

The work at ZTR is prestigious, interesting, provides professional growth, self-realization.

Our Mission

We create reliable transformers, meeting individual requirements of our customers all over the world, making electricity available to every person.

We love our business and are proud of it.

Our Values

Team Spirit – we are attentive to each opinion and jointly define our targets and priorities. We feel mutual responsibility for the common result.

Innovation – to achieve our objectives, we persistently look for and apply new solutions in engineering and management. Initiative and creativity are welcome. We also admit that an honest worker cannot be absolutely infallible.

Leadership – we do our best to create an environment for each talent to flourish and be applied for the common benefit. Leadership on all organizational levels is encouraged by all means.

Respect – every employee is for us an Individual and everyone’s effort is appreciated. We are tolerant to different views and invite for a dialogue.

Harmony – we are striving for a balance of aims and means, duties and responsibilities, individuality and team, personal life and work.

Confidence – our business is efficient because it is based on trust in our employees. We are ready to broaden the scope of matters which they can decide on their own. We are also building the relations of mutual confidence with our customers and suppliers.

We always do what we say we shall.

Responsibility – we are fully aware that we are responsible for our clients` success.