ZTR at a glance

ZTR is a pioneer and leader in implementation of FACTS projects based on magnetically controlled shunt reactors (MCSR) in the world. The rapid growth in demand for MCSR-based solutions for reactive power compensation and voltage regulation proves the benefits and high performance of the technology.


50.000 MVA manufactured in 2012

Monitoring diagnostics and control expert system “ESMDU-TRANS” designed by PJSC "ZTR" provides monitoring of transformer equipment condition and operating modes. Application of monitoring system "ESMDU-TRANS" increases reliability of transformers and reactors, ensuring stable operation of the power system.

65 years of expertise and innovations

ZTR is in the list of TOP-10 largest manufacturers of transformer equipment and is the largest transformer factory in Europe and the CIS countries. The company has 60 000 MVA annual production capacity and employs 3500 people. The overall volume of supplied equipment has totaled more than 2 000 000 MVA since ZTR's establishment.

TOP 10 world producers of transformers and shunt reactors 110–1150 kV

ZTR equipment is reliably operating in 88 countries worldwide in various climatic and seismic conditions. In 2010–2012 ZTR supplied the transformer equipment for the solar power generation plants and industrial enterprises in the USA and EU markets which again had proved the company’s ability to meet the most sophisticated clients' technical demands.

Supplies to 86 countries globally